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aging and health : Senior safety is an important topic, and living independently for seniors holds many risks

aging and health : Dementia is a condition which includes memory loss and other cognitive issues

aging and health : Early Signs of Alzheimer's and Dementia

aging and health : memory loss due to aging and what could be symptoms of dementia?

aging and health : Foods That May Induce Memory Loss & Increase Alzheimer’s

old health remedies

Scientific studies show that while a number of foods boost memory, others really increase risks for Alzheimer's disease. These very same foods are actually connected to various other major health issues, which makes it that far more crucial to restrict or even eliminate them out of a senior's diet. A proper diet plan does much more than benefit the waistlines of ours. It improves the heart health of ours, reduces the risk of ours for other diseases, diabetes, and cancer, as well as keeps the brains of ours in good health. In reality, research has proven that a bad diet impacts mind and raises a person's chances of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Monday, April 9, 2018


old health remedies


  • All that you have to do I to finely chop 300 g of garlic and combine it with one kg of lemons, which you will in the past grind.
  • Apply the combination in a container on the stove and pour it over with 1.5 liters of water and set it on a low heat for aproximatelly fifteen minutes. And then, take out the pot from the stove and allow it to cool.
  • Apply the combination in a glass jar covered with aluminum foil.
  • Take one tablespoon of this solution each morning on an empty stomach, for twenty five days.
  • You are able to have this cure once again, but after ten days rest.

aging and health : A Woman Discovered A Powerful Uterus Cancer

old health remedies

Fifty six year old female was identified as having cancer of the uterus. After prognosis as well as examination from the physicians she chose to try out treat the sickness of her with alternative treatment, rather an all natural way. She learned about an all natural cure made of aloe Vera and then made the decision to wear it and discover what would happen. She utilized this natural treatment for some time and when she went back to the physicians, she was pleasantly surprised.


  • Aloe juice
  • Ground walnuts
  • Organic honey

aging and health : Recipe Of The Old Monks to Cure The Whole Body

old health remedies


It is necessary to finely chop 300 grams of garlic and mix with 1 kg of lemons, which previously are grind in meat mincer.

Place the mixture in a container on fire and pour over 1.5 liters of water and bring to a boil over low heat for about 15 minutes.

Then remove the pot from the fire and leave to cool.

Place the mixture in a glass jar covered with aluminum foil.

Take one tablespoon of medicine every morning on an empty stomach, 25 days.

After that take a break of 10 days, then repeat the procedure.

aging and health : Get Rid Of Period Cramps

old health remedies

Warm baths

 Bright baths appear to be a cozy and relaxing treatment for period cramps. If perhaps you include a number of aromatherapy essential oils in the warm water bath, the outcome is going to be long and immediate lasting. The ideal flavors to minimize pelvic pain brought on by menstruation are:

  • chamomile
  •  ginger
  •  lavender
  •  jasmine
  •  Lemon balm
  •  rosemary

Warm compresses in the pelvic area

One of the more handy as well as brief cures which you are able to call when you've an agonizing crisis in the pelvic region are actually warm water compresses. Simply try soaking a cotton towel in water that is warm and put it to use in the lower abdominal region, from time to time. The high temperature emanated out of these towels provides you with a quick comfort, serving to alleviate painful muscle spasms in the womb.

Ginger root tea

It decreases the intensity of pain associated with menstrual cramps. For relief, you have to prepare a tea from a handful of ginger root, and boil it for 15 minutes, in boiling water. Strain the mixture and drink it warm.

aging and health : Get Rid Of Vitiligo

old health remedies

No one must worry any longer, since you are able to eliminate vitiligo with cures that are natural that the grandmothers of ours used to work with.

1. Curcuma as well as mustard oil
Mix aproximatelly five teaspoons of turmeric powder with 250 ml of mustard oil. Use the combination on the affected region two times one day.

2. Lime as well as Basil
Basil leaves encourage the melanin production. Combine a couple of drops of basil leaves extract with the juice of half a lime, as well as put it to use on the affected areas. This particular therapy is going to be good at aproximatelly 5 6 months.

3. Copper as well as Water
Drink water that was preserved for one evening at a copper pot. It's a revitalizing impact on melanocytes, helping to boost the melanin production. The results do not appear instantly, so apply the strategy until the acne disappear.

4. Tamarind seeds
Put tamarind seeds (Indian dates) to macerate in warm water for four days, then dried out & crush them until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to the white areas for one month.

5. Radishes seeds
They favor the melanin production. Put a couple of teaspoons of vinegar with the powder received from radishes seeds. You are going to obtain a paste which you are able to put it to use over the affected areas. This particular course of action must be repeated each day for six months.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Slim Down and Live Longer

men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don't

reasons why you might not last as long in bed as you would like

helping you last longer in bed

How long can you live without sleeping


Determining just how long an individual is able to live with no rest is significantly more challenging than with drinking water as well as food. The sleep pattern as well as the body's own reaction to lack of sleep are actually what causes it to be difficult to say just how long you are able to endure with no rest. In fact, the history of an individual that was capable to remain awake without utilizing some stimulants is eleven days or maybe 264 hours. Sleep deprivation is an extremely serious issue & individuals have died from this. For example, there's the situation of a Chinese male that went on seeing the European cup for as much as eleven days - he was discovered dead in the apartment of his.

It was found he had also been drinking alcoholic drinks, which might have resulted in him dying quicker than he might have lasted whether he did not consume alcohol. It's still not clear what can make the body require rest and exactly why under six hours one day is able to deteriorate the wellness throughout the individual's life. It has been estimated that individuals that sleep six hours or even less in twenty four hours, have a drastically shorter life span.

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